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Juma Spring/Summer 2013

JUMA’s Spring/Summer 2013 presentation took place in a white walled showroom on a dark, somewhat unforgettable street on the Lower East Side. It was almost as if JUMA creators, Alia and Jami Juma took their bland surroundings as a challenge, and created the most exuberant collection possible. A brand known for their color use and ethnic inspirations, the clothes stayed true to form with bright, dizzily patterned blouses, and atop each models head was a strikingly colored turban or headband.

Keerthi Harishankar for WSN

The collection was dominated by billowy dresses that featured print atop print atop print. The highlight of these dresses was the ingenious draping that came off perfectly downtown chic, rather than Grecian glam. Many of the dresses were patterned in intelligent tie-dye made chic. With all the colors and ornamentation the result would seemingly be overwhelming, but that is where JUMA’s styling excelled. The models all had simple makeup and pale lips, letting the all the hues on their garment speak for themselves. Also keeping the looks in the foreground were the black and tan booties the models wore.

Playing in the background was slow techno music that meshed perfectly with the frenzied, yet sophisticated looks. A kaleidoscope dream was featured on a video projected on one of the walls. The shots were always changing and dreamy in their nature. Overlapping a shot of a model would be the reflection of a pool, and the next shot would be another model wandering aimlessly through a sunny field. The film exemplified JUMA’s aesthetic of ethereal clothing that isn’t afraid of pattern, for the girl that definitely isn’t afraid to be seen.

Keerthi Harishankar is a staff writer. Email her at [email protected]

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Juma Spring/Summer 2013