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Lucky magazine’s web feature allows tailored shopping experience online

Myluckymag.com, a new site launched by Lucky Magazine, is a place where any woman can spend her day shopping without leaving her computer. This site combines multiple stores into one convenient space where women can shop for a variety of items ranging from clothing to phone accessories.

“Lucky’s aim has always been to enrich the shopping experience for our readers, who are among the most passionate and savvy shoppers worldwide,” said Lucky’s Editor-In-Chief Brandon Holley. “MyLucky is the next step in our ongoing mission to create the most engaging content about shopping by integrating a broad e-commerce program into the conversations our editors and readers are having about shopping.”

This integration of editors and shoppers can be seen in the Lucky Picks feature on the website in which Lucky Magazine hand-selects pieces of clothing, accessories and makeup that are on trend for the season. Lucky Picks is a great guide for shoppers to see what the trends are and to help direct them in their shopping experience. It is also a great way for shoppers to have insight into what trends the magazine is focused on.

“[This] editorial guidance is really what sets the site apart from other online retailers,” Holley said.

“You can literally find anything you want,” LSP freshman Justyna Torres said. “They have amazing brands and a great collection of items.”

One of the most elaborate collections is for Macy’s. This collection offers a wide variety of items such as gowns, purses and coats.

However, one drawback is that the website is difficult to navigate. Due to the fact that it is not very well-organized, the shopping page is somewhat tricky to find. There are no subcategories within each section, which requires the shopper to flip through many pages to find a specific item. Other than the Lucky Picks feature, the site does not offer many other unique aspects.

“I would probably use the site if it found me deals,” CAS freshman Yasmine Panah said.

For the moment, the site has a limited amount of stores. However, top brands including Dior, Lancome and DKNY will be added within the next few months.

“We have attracted an exceptionally strong portfolio of brand partners who recognized the substantial potential in a well-designed e-commerce functionality that is fun, interactive and broadly integrated across all Lucky content,” said Lucky Publisher and Vice President, Marcy Bloom. The stores range significantly in prices but are more tailored for older women.

“All of the pieces are out of my price range,” CAS freshman Anne Dordai said. “I’m a poor college student and wouldn’t have much use for the site.”

The launch of this online shopping site is just one of the many examples of how print publications are moving to the Internet. With the growing popularity and dominance of electronic technology, print publications are working to keep up and continue innovating.

Lucky Magazine’s creation of myluckymag.com is a great way for the magazine to broaden across mediums and reach a wider audience. It is a great tool for women to use while learning about different trends, and it will ultimately help the magazine gain more readers.

Layla Ilchi is a contributing writer. Email her at [email protected]

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Lucky magazine’s web feature allows tailored shopping experience online