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NYU dubbed next best for sex life

Known for prestigious academics, liberal mindedness and celebrity alumni, NYU recently gained another facet to its reputation: best sex life for students.

Playboy Magazine took the top 100 colleges in America and ranked them in three categories: sex, sports and nightlife. Rankings are based on feedback from readers, students, alumni and campus representatives. The Playboy editors also considered student academics, athletic records and proximity to recreational hot spots.

NYU was ranked second for best sex life; the University of North Carolina was rated number one. Georgetown University, University of California, Los Angeles and Yale University were ranked third, fourth and fifth respectively.

Caitlin Travis and Anya McDermott, juniors and roommates at UNC, said they were surprised by their school’s spot. But they said the ranking made sense when considering demographics.

“As girls, I think it came more as a surprise to us, because guys kind of have their pick,” Travis said.

“It’s a lot easier for [boys],” McDermott said. “There are tons of girls everywhere. If you want to have sex you could, but we don’t see it as any different from any other school.”

Despite the female to male ratio at NYU, CAS freshman Eliza Herring believes finding a partner in New York City is not as difficult as it may seem.

“Even though there seems like there are a limited number of straight guys, I’ve found just the opposite,” Herring said. “I feel as if having a sex life here is almost guaranteed.”

LSP freshman Grace Pleehall said NYU is ranked second because rules in the area are less stringent than other universities.

“NYU dorms don’t care if you have members of the opposite sex stay over in your room,” Pleehall said.

Paul Apodaca, associate professor of anthropology at Chapman University, said the type of university environment that fosters healthy student sex life has a few features, including access to information, support concerning sexual activity and an environment of personal responsibility and concern for others.

“Meaningful relationships are often found where people share values and the most basic values are those of respect and a willingness to participate with others to ensure everyone’s well-being,” Apodaca said. “At all times, people must respect the dignity inherent in each person and their bodies. Close relationships are built on the knowledge that your partner is an advocate for your happiness and dignity.”

But CAS senior Jesse Rueckert said the list is irrelevant because it seems to focus on heterosexuality.

“I think there’s plenty of sex going on at NYU, but a lot of it is definitely not going on between guys and girls,” Rueckert said.

However, the Playboy article did not specify whether or not it focused exclusively on heterosexual intercourse or if homosexual intercourse was also considered.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, Oct. 9 print edition. Marilyn La Jeunesse is a contributing writer. Email her at [email protected]

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NYU dubbed next best for sex life