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What’s a Byline? – A Warm Welcome to East Harlem News!

What an excellent question!

But before I answer it, let me first explain what all this is.

This semester, the Washington Square News is working with Citizen Schools, a nonprofit organization dedicated to helping middle schoolers find the connection between classroom skills and real-world professions. Through after-school programs, middle schoolers are given the opportunity to dabble in a variety of different apprenticeship programs (i.e. basketball, graphic, robotics, just to name a few).

In the next few weeks, staff members here will be building and teaching a class about journalism to sixth graders at Isaac Newton Middle School! From reporting to writing to photographing, the students will become real journalists and even create a newspaper about the East Harlem community in a mere 10 weeks!

We begin our journey this week. Aside from learning how to ask good questions (The 5W’s!), we also talked about the conducts of a good journalist (see above!) and what a byline is!

Now here’s the answer: in the newspaper world, a byline refers to the credit line that tells us who told a story (whether it is through writing or photographing).

Since there will be lots of different bylines coming up on this blog and our paper in the next couple of weeks, here are little biographies about the faces behind our work!

Make sure to keep checking back to track our progress!


Brandon | Brandon likes art. He likes to go to bed when it’s raining, likes the color blue, likes to play basketball. He likes to play video games. He is funny, likes animals. Brandon likes ice cream. — written by Nathanael

Imani | Imani was born in Metropolitan, raised in East Harlem. She is always on Facebook, goes to Isaac Newton. She also loves Wendy’s, loves being outside. She loves hip-hop. Imani is a very nice girl. — written by Shaterah

Jacquelyn | Jacquelyn Muñiz was born in New York City. She is in 6th grade. She’s a smart girl. She likes purple. She goes to Isaac Newton. She likes sketching. Her favorite subject is math. Her favorite singer is The Wanted. — written by Soraya

Joel | Joel is 11 years old in middle school at Isaac Newton. He plays any sport when he’s out of school. He also lives with his mom, dad, his brother, two sisters and two dogs. He likes to skateboard and is great at drawing. Plus his favorite super hero is ironman and his favorite video game is Marvel vs. Capcom 3. — written by Jose

Jose | Jose is 11 years old. He loves playing video games and his favorite is Pokémon. Also, his favorite superhero is Flash and Jose is good at running. His art was in a museum and he loves skateboarding. Another thing about him is that he lives with his mom, brother and big sister. — written by Joel

Minerva | Minerva is a great person. She loves to sing, loves the color blue, has 11 brothers and sisters. She loves to paint nails. Loves animals. — written by Nikarie

Nathanael | Nathanael is such great friend and never does bad in school. He is really good in math. He likes video games and would like to watch movies. I like my best friend. He is really cool to hang out with. — written by Brandon

Nikarie | Nikarie is a great person. She loves the baby name, “Arriana.” She loves to paint her nails. She loves to eat a lot. She loves to eat Chinese food and “El Paso.” She loves to dance. She is not a tree hugger. For fun, she bothers her little cousin. Also she loves the color black because it goes with everything. — written by Minerva 

Shaterah | Shaterah was born in Brooklyn and raised in East Harlem. She loves taking pictures and posting them on Facebook. Shaterah loves to go shopping with her friends and she likes texting them on Facebook. She loves eating McDonalds. Music is her favorite. She listens while walking, talking. She is always making faces. Shaterah is a cool person. — written by Imani

Soraya | Soraya Sosa is in 6th grade. She goes to Isaac Newton Middle School. Soraya is very smart. Her favorite color is purple. She loves to be on Facebook all the time. Her favorite singer is Drake, Lil Wayne, and Romeo Santos. She was born in New York City. — written by Jacquelyn


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What’s a Byline? – A Warm Welcome to East Harlem News!