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Op Ed Live: Student Voting Rights

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  • Genel M.

    Mr. Edward* I do agree with some of the points that you conveyed during your debate about students voting; although, students do vote, if not enough of them do it then the decision is left to be made by the person in charge.

  • Jonathan Kazakov

    I agree with a lot of what you have said throughout this debate and that students want to be involved in politics. I also like how you took notes.

  • Patton L.

    Hey Mr. Edward. You made some great points. I do agree with the fact that college students should be more informed about politics, such as the presidential election, they should vote for what they really believe in. They shouldn’t just assume that the state they are voting in is going to be pre-determined of either leaning republican or democratic. Good job.

  • Corienne H.

    Many great points were made between the two debaters and I do agree with you Mr.Edward that college students should be more involved in voting and the elections. It would be great and it doesn’t matter what state you are voting in.

  • Mickalea Chambers

    Mr.Edward i agree with both you and your opponent. Students do vote, but as first time voters they probably find it arduous and long to complete. They should be taught how exactly to vote and be able to vote at a different time from everyone else.

  • Kymberly Gurodn

    Good Job. i think it was an interesting topic and you both supporrted your ideas. Stident voting is important and hopefully you both proved it to student voters.

  • Mickalea Chambers

    I really liked what you both had to say. Students should vote more. I agree that they probably do not because they think it is a hassle and that their vote will not matter.

  • Keisha Jean-Charles

    I agree with what you said. I think you made a good point when you said that you can’t make students vote. I also agreed with you when you said that students have the power to vote. Overall, I think your points were right.

  • vadim

    great debate! thanks for posting this! I think the point made about voters feeling they can only be reactive in the present system was excellent!

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Op Ed Live: Student Voting Rights