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What’s in your bag?

Allison Everett, a CAS junior pursuing a double major in economics and broadcast journalism, has a lot on her plate. From running the NYU Panhellenic Council  to interning at Goods for Good, this Tennessee native has a jam-packed schedule. She can be seen around campus with an oversized black bag containing all the essentials to keep her day running smoothly.

“Techie” Stuff 

Everett pulls out a plastic bag filled with all the supplies needed by a broadcast journalist. Inside is a jumble of wires, an external hard drive, a microphone and her beloved camera — a collection of items she refers to asher “techie stuff.”


A peek inside her pink weekly planner shows just how busy Everett’s schedule is. Each day involves anywhere from three to five different agenda items, ranging from sorority events, Panhellenic Councilduties, and school and work assignments.

“My planner is essentially my life,” Everett said. “I write down everything in here or my phone to keep track of what’s going on. I would not know what to do without it.”


Everett has several miscellaneous batteries at the bottom of her bag. Always prepared for the unexpected, she carries the batteries with her in case her journalism equipment stops working so that she can easily get them up and running again.

Rebecca Clementi/WSN


Along with taking classes and running the Panhellenic Council, Everett also gives back to the global community. Everett interns at Goods for Good, a nonprofit dedicated to providing education to children across the globe.

“We supply materials for orphans in Malawi or other children who are in need so they can receive an education,” Everett said. “I love working for this organization.”

The organization has developed a trust in Everett ­— so much so that they gave her her own pair of keys to the office, which she keeps handy in her bag.

“It’s kind of cool that they trust me to have these keys,” Everett said.


Her “random notebook” contains notes on everything from classes to her internship and Panhellenic Council meetings. Page after page is filled with different notes and the occasional doodles, which she says help her pay attention.

“It may look so random and a mess, but I can assure you that it is organized chaos,” Everett said.

Justyna Torres is a staff writer. Email her at [email protected]

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What’s in your bag?