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Gallatin freshman shares her eclectic closet

You have probably seen her around campus: the girl with the pleather spiky backpack, clothing in bright colors or busy patterns and any one of her bright and brash accompanying wigs. “Loud” seems to be the defining word for Leor Freedman’s wardrobe and personality. A freshman in Gallatin studying performing arts and computer science, Leor is known for being boldly outspoken and whip-smart.

When asked about her favorite article of clothing, Leor had trouble deciding: “I don’t wear anything unless it’s my favorite.” Ranking high on her list are the googly-eye shirt she made herself, the black-and-white star-covered cardigan she calls a “stardigan” and the black skirt full of slits she acquired at a clothing swap. Ask her how she would describe her style ­— she already has a name for it: “TackyFemme ClownPunk.”

Courtesy of Tanner Nelson

Fittingly, Leor has recently discovered NYU’s circus club, Violet Circus Arts, the latest of her memberships. Last semester she was a member of the Tisch All-University Drama Cantorum, and is on the hunt for her next chance on stage.

“I really want to do some musical theater,” she said. “I’m itching for it now. I did the school musical all four years of high school, so after a semester of not doing one, I’m ready to be in another show.”

Leor is a also a member of the Gallatin Coloring Club, as one may expect from someone who enjoys juxtaposing black, white and neons. Art is a major component of Leor’s style — she can be seen with hand-drawn graphic makeup design around her eyes. She has several personalized clothing pieces, like the “art pants” her friends have taken turns drawing on.

Despite her crazy fashion sense, Leor is very serious about certain things, namely feminism and LGB-TQ issues.

“People think that you’re just trying to prove yourself as an educated, politically correct citizen,” she said. “But it’s honestly just about not being a jerk and creating a world that is livable and comfortable for as many people as possible. It’s about acknowledging that a lot of the nice things you have in your life come from the oppression of others.” Leor will be the first person to point out when something is based on a harmful social construct and will always encourage her friends to never be ashamed of who they are.

Leor’s wardrobe is not so much a component of her personality as a manifestation of it. The rainbow pants, polka-dot Doc Martens and black lacy fascinator serve to complement her intelligence, creativity, big heart and talent for puns.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, Feb. 5 print edition. Ariana DiValentino is a staff writer. Email her at [email protected]

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  1. Allison Brustman on February 5th, 2013 7:04 pm

    GO LEOR!!

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Gallatin freshman shares her eclectic closet