Off-campus housing: Stuyvesant Town

Bryan Nelson/WSN


Stuyvesant Town is a great choice for a residential off-campus atmosphere.

This housing complex stretches from 14th to 20th streets, between First Avenue and Avenue C, and has many facilities, including the Oval Study, Oval Lounge, Oval Cafe and Oval Fitness gym. The development is populated by different types of people, including older residents living in rent-controlled apartments, young families and the growing young adult population.

All buildings have laundry, rent drop boxes are stationed around the oval and Stuy Town makes moving in and setting up cable and Internet extremely easy. The complex is also patrolled by Stuy Town security guards.

The development is safe, clean, relatively quiet and features extensive amenities. The maintenance service is convenient — residents simply fill out an online maintenance form to schedule an appointment if needed.

Many students choose Stuy Town because brokers often offer the apartments as no-fee rentals, and a majority of the listings on NYU’s off-campus housing registry are Stuy Town apartments. NYU also conveniently provides the C line bus which takes students from Stuy Town to 715 Broadway, but as of now the line only runs until noon. It is often a half-hour walk to campus.

The downsides to living in Stuy Town include the location — it is a far walk to most places, and the First Avenue L station is the closest subway line to most apartments. Stuy Town is not the cheapest place for students to live, although sharing rooms or choosing an apartment farther uptown or toward the east side of the complex can save money. A two-bedroom apartment costs approximately $3,000 and a four-bedroom approximately $5,000.

Stuy Town has more perks than problems, and the student community in the complex continues to grow.

– Lavya Yalamanchi

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