Top 5: Cool drinks for warm weather

March 27, 2013

Spring into warm weather with cool drinks. Here are five locations with some of the most interesting offerings.

Lily Chin for WSN

Argo Tea I Various locations

For $4 to $5 a drink, Argo Tea offers various drinks such as Mojitea, Teappucino, and Smootea. The Smootea, a milk blended fruit drink where tea substitutes water to liquefy substances, is a must-try. You can choose from green, red, white or black tea and mango, mixed berry or strawberry.

Lily Chin for WSN

Coco’s Fresh Tea & Juice | 38 Lexington Ave.

This store offers eclectic concoctions including bubble tea for $3 to $4. Try the matcha latte with red beans, a two ladies — milk tea with grass jelly and pudding — or the cream black tea, which has a rich, thick, salty layer of cream.

Lily Chin for WSN

La Colombe Torrefaction I 270 Lafayette St.

Known to be one of the best coffee houses in the town, this bustling place does not have a menu on the wall. But don’t feel intimidated — just order anything you would normally drink and it will be made for you. Some of the warm weather highlights from this place are the iced coffee and iced red eye. The iced coffee is cold brewed, yielding a wonderfully aromatic coffee. If you need an extra kick, order an iced red eye, which is iced coffee with an espresso shot.

Lily Chin for WSN

Juicy Lucy Juice Bar I 85 Ave. A

This hole-in-the-wall smoothie haven on the Lower East Side is easily missed by passersby. The juices and smoothies ($3 to $5) are made from fresh fruits without syrups and artificial flavorings. They offer remedies such as the “Hangover Cure” — pineapple, lemon and apple  — and the “Stress Tamer,” which has cantaloupe and ginger. You can tailor your drink by choosing fruits, vegetables and drink boosters such as flaxseed or protein powder. They also have other iced drinks such as coffee and Morir Sonando, a Dominican orange and milk drink.

Lily Chin for WSN

Paris Baguette Cafe | 6 W. 32nd St.

Known for its colorful selection of cakes and bread, Paris Baguette also has a great drink menu that is often overlooked. The peach iced tea and iced coffee are customer favorites. If you want something a little different, try their persimmon smoothie or iced green tea latte ($4.50).

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