Abu Dhabi study away admissions stalled due to housing allocation

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Students who applied for the fall semester abroad in Abu Dhabi have still not been informed about their admission into the program.

NYUAD spokesperson Josh Taylor said the applicants will be notified on Monday, April 15 about the decisions.

Taylor explained that the university had hoped to inform students this past week, but with more applicants than expected, they needed more time to determine if there was enough space for all the students.

“We needed to reanalyze our housing allocation to ensure that we had enough space in Sama Tower, our sole student residence,” Taylor said.

They have since confirmed that they will be able to house the incoming class of 2017, in addition to those who will be accepted to the study away program.

“The final step of the process is to ensure that NYUAD can provide the academic program that students from Washington Square seek,” Taylor said.

CAS junior Sundus Arain, who studied abroad in Abu Dhabi last semester, said the application process was also delayed when she applied. She even thought she had been rejected because she had not heard anything for so long.

“It’s surprising to me that the lack of logistical coordination still exists between NYUNY and NYUAD,” Arain said. “I had a great time abroad, but these issues could deter students from applying or going, which is pretty unfortunate for a Global Network University.”

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