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Q & A: Cam Meekins

Twenty-year-old Bostonian rapper Cam Meekins isn’t exactly mainstream hip-hop, but this new, wildly talented artist cannot be taken as a joke — winning Best New Artist at the Boston Music Awards and accumulating over 1 million views on his music videos, Cam Meekins will be a fresh face in the rap game to look forward to this year. We had the pleasure of meeting him last Thursday at Brooklyn’s Knitting Factory, where he performed along with Cerebral Vortex and Pilot Nation. His first studio album on iTunes, “Lamp City, will be released on Tuesday, May 21.

Q: Tell us how you got into music.

A: I've been doing music my whole life, but I got into hip-hop music when I was in middle school. I was just making beats using my computer and when I got into high school, I started producing for a lot of my friends. Then they convinced me to rap on a song one time. I did it, it was pretty fun, and I just kept doing it.

Q: There are a few mix tapes you’ve made online. Can you tell us more about what you've made so far?

A: I have a couple mix tapes like 1993 and a free album last year, which was untitled. It was like three emoticon faces: : ) : / : ( I consider that an album, I worked really hard on that. I produced the whole thing. My first paid-for album is coming out on Tuesday, Lamp City.

Q: What was your inspiration for the new album?

A: Whenever I'm writing music, I reflect on whatever situation I'm in at that moment, life-wise. A lot of this album was inspired by just me out in Boston, different relationships, friendships and experiences being a 19-year old in the city.

Q: Your album “Faces” dropped May 21st last year, and Lamp City is coming out May 21st this year, what's the deal with May 21st?

A: That was the day that I met the love of my life. That's all I’m going to say.

Q: What are your 3 favorite tracks from the new album coming out?

A: That's a tough question… probably “Life is Good.” There’s a song called “Chop the Sample Up,” which is my manager Tim's favorite. There's a song “High,” but I also like “Truckers” too. I like when my other friends rap with me, [because] I suck at


Q: So everyone’s wondering: what does “Lamp City” mean?

A: It started from me and my friends, we used to say it as an expression. My friend Armin would call me and be like “Yo, what are you doing?” and I'd be like “I'm just lamp city right now.” Like I'm chilling. It'd be another word for hanging out, which makes no sense but to us it did.

Q: Is that what your fans are called?

A: Yeah, and that's what my label is called. That's my brand. Everyone who's a fan is a part of “lamp city,” I guess.

Q: What are your fans like? Name three adjectives to describe them.

A: Awesome. Cute girls. I don't know.

Q: Who have you been currently listening to?

A: Chance the Rapper. He’s dope.

Q: What kind of protein do you prefer on your taco?

A: Ground beef but it's got to be grass fed.

Q: Who is your favorite person on twitter?

A: @timlarew

Q: Your manager? Does he tweet about you a lot?

A: No, he tweets the most rare, ridiculous, positive stuff ever. Any given day, he's just tweeting life quotes for these little 14-year old girls to better their lives.

Q: Where's your favorite place to go to in New York City?

A: Shake Shack.

Q: If there was a movie about your life, who would play you?

A: Me. I'd do the 8 Mile thing,

Q: If Rachel and I came over to your house tonight what would you cook for us?

A: I would probably cook you guys a nice capellini spaghetti with some vodka sauce and meat. Like meat vodka sauce. Maybe a little basil in there.

Q: What do you think has happened the past year? Now you’re signed at a big record label. What’s that like?

A: It's all good. Life is good. Everyday is fun. I just get to do what I love, make music. I have the potential to do some great things and I'm just going to try to do it as best I can and see what happens. But no matter what I'm going to be a happy person. Forever.


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Q & A: Cam Meekins