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New York Comic Con 2013: ‘True Blood’ stars reflect on character arcs

Laura Wolford for WSN

On Friday at New York Comic Con, “True Blood” actresses Kristin Bauer and Lauren Bowles shared insights on their characters, Pam and Holly, respectively, and the final season of HBO’s hit series.

Bauer had no hesitations about playing Pam, she said. When her manager told her about the part, the name HBO was enough to entice her to an audition.

“All I knew from my manager was that it was HBO, and Alan Ball, and playing a vampire, and I was like, ‘Stop talking. I’m going. You had me at HB,’” she said.

Pam is a fan favorite, and even Bauer is a proponent of her character. She praised the writers for her fantastic lines, wardrobe and the character’s confidence.

“I try to borrow from her in my life … I think it’s partly why she’s so fun, because she’s completely free from worrying about being liked,” Bauer said.

Bowles acknowledged that Pam’s popularity has no bounds.

“A lot of people ask us, ‘If you weren’t playing your part, whose part would you like to play?’ And I think almost uniformly across the entire cast, male or female, it’s Pam,” Bowles said. “Because she has the best lines, best costumes. What more could you ask for?”

When asked if they ever collaborate with the writers on behalf of their characters, Bauer explained it as a give and take — the actors are influenced by the script and the writers are influenced by the actors’ portrayals of the characters.

As for the future of the show, Bowles and Bauer knew as much as fans did — not much.  But Bowles did elaborate on showrunner Brian Buckner’s new outlook for the final season, explaining that it’s all about bringing it home and focusing on the original — and a few new — residents of Bon Temps.

But after Skarsgåd’s Eric burst into flames in the season six finale, his character may or may not be missing from that group next season. Both Bauer and Bowles said they knew nothing about Eric’s fate, but “it was great fun to see him naked,” Bowles said.

Bowles pointed out during the panel that Alan Ball once said to her, “It’s ‘True Blood.’ No one ever really dies.”

Laura Wolford is a staff writer. Email her at [email protected]

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New York Comic Con 2013: ‘True Blood’ stars reflect on character arcs