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How to put your apartment in order for springtime

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With the weather warming up, midterms ending and spring officially beginning, now is the best time for spring cleaning. Follow these simple tips and tricks for a fresh start to the second half of the semester.

Freshen the air

Does your room or suite have an unnatural smell? It could be because your trash is left open, without any sort of lid, and old garbage has been stinking up your kitchen. In addition to remembering to regularly take out the trash, invest in a cover for your bin. Drop half a lemon into the kitchen garbage disposal to act as a deodorant and make sure to wipe down your trash cans after taking them out to erase any residue.

Clean the microwave

After cooking everything you could indoors so you would not have to brave the cold weather, your microwave has probably had more than its fair share of use. Microwave a half-full glass of water for two minutes — the steam will loosen and soften any food that remains stuck.

Disinfect the sink

Your sink can have tons of bacteria on its surface even if you can not see it. To disinfect, spray some vinegar mist. Let it sit for a minute, then wash it off with soap and water. Afterwards, spray some hydrogen peroxide mist and leave it. Do not mix the two together.

Clean out the refrigerator

It is easy to forget to clean the place food is stored. Throw away all expired items and keep the close-to-expiring products closer to the front so you will not forget to eat them first. To clean out any stains, try using shaving cream. Alternatively, you can use a spoonful of baking soda as a mild abrasive to scrub entrenched stains.

Organize your closet

Try to keep only the necessary items. Which clothes do you actually wear, and which items have you not touched the entire season? Utilize the storage under your bed or above your closet, where you can fold away your big winter coat, hats, scarves and ugly Christmas sweaters that you will not need anymore. You can even make a little extra cash by taking clothes you do not want anymore to stores that will buy your gently used items, like Beacon’s Closet or Buffalo Exchange. Leave the clothes that are appropriate for spring in the hangers to expedite your morning routine.

Unclutter your papers

Reorganize those papers and files lying around your desk and under your bed. Since you are halfway through the semester, do not leave study materials unorganized until the dreaded finals week. Keep track of your papers by creating binders or folders, so you do not lose something you will need in the upcoming weeks.

Change your sheets

Buy fresh, new sheets for your bed, or wash your current ones. They actually get dirty pretty quickly, so it does not hurt to set a reminder every now and then. While your laundry is in the machine, do the rest of your cleaning while you wait so, by the time the laundry is done, you are free to relax.

A version of this article appeared in the Monday, March 24 print edition. Ilona Tuominen is a staff writer. Email her at [email protected]

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How to put your apartment in order for springtime