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Tips, tricks for decorating oversized dorm rooms

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Oftentimes, coming home to your dorm room can feel overwhelming — students constantly complain about the abundance of space in their New York City housing, even with the three or more people they are sharing it with. Fill up those empty corners with unique decorations to truly impress your guests and make yourself feel more at home.


If you are tired of the usual college kid decorations like band posters and bean bag chairs, a work of art may spruce up your room and give it a whole new atmosphere. As luck would have it, a 14 foot-long, shirtless statue of David Hasselhoff is now on the auction market. The piece, displaying Hasselhoff facedown on a surfboard, was once used in 2004’s “The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie.” You could also try out a statue of Zooey Deschanel in the corner of your room if you are looking to prove to your friends just how quirky you are.

DIY Desert

To continue our standard as a global network university, fill the barren spaces of your room with sand. In addition to accentuating the plain, hardwood flooring of your bedroom, the sand will give you hope for hot weather after the months and months of the New York City winter. You can collect the sand yourself or buy it online, where you can customize it and purchase colors to match themed parties for any occasion — blood red sand for Halloween or mixed neon colors for a casual Monday night rave atmosphere.


To go above and beyond typical wall decorations, try creating your own wallpaper. This is your chance to be creative. Tape large amounts of kale to your wall to inspire you to eat healthy throughout the rest of the semester, even when finals week hits. Or, for a more student-friendly budget option, collect the free condoms from the residence halls’ resource centers and create shapes, designs or self-portraits — anything is possible for your walls with the number of condoms you are supplied with. If neither of those ideas work for your personal taste and style, consider asking one of your Gallatin friends to write out their concentration title, which should leave hardly anything on your walls blank.

A version of this article appeared in the Tuesday, April 1 print edition. Sven is a loyal reindeer who enjoys carrots and thinks that reindeer are better than people. Email him at [email protected]

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Tips, tricks for decorating oversized dorm rooms