[Live Blog] 182nd All-University Commencement

12:42 EST

With the recessional, that concludes WSN’s live-coverage of the 182nd All-University Commencement. Pick up a copy of our 2014 Commencement issue on Saturday, May 24, with coverage of all the commencement ceremonies.

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12:39 EST

The cast of The Reality Show: NYU is now performing “Learn to Love and Live.”

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12:36 EST

Congratulations to the class of 2014!

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12:36 EST

The University Torch is passed from Ruth Danon, a clinical professor of creative and expository writing in the School of Continuing and Professional Studies to 19-year-old Cassidy Shea Pahl, who is earning a B.A. from the Gallatin School of Individualized Study.

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12:33 EST

The deans of each school and college are now presenting the candidates for degrees and certificates. Sexton will then confer the degrees and certificates.

The order of presentation and confirmation is as follows. The number of candidates for graduation is also noted next to the school and college. The number is reflective of all degrees and certificates given out for that particular school, if applicable.

College of Arts and Science:  2,051.

School of Law: 1,047.

School of Medicine: 172.

Polytechnic School of Engineering: 1,796.

College of Nursing: 602.

College of Dentistry: 438.

Graduate School of Arts and Science: 1,852.

Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development: 2,235.

Leonard N. Stern School of Business: 2,117.

School of Continuing and Professional Studies: 1,489.

Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service: 425.

Silver School of Social Work: 589.

Tisch School of the Arts: 1,275.

Gallatin School of Individualized Study: 584.

University Degree Programs — Liberal Studies: 58.

University Degree Programs — Global Institute of Public Health: 117.

University Degree Programs — Center for Urban Science and Progress: 23.

NYU Abu Dhabi: 138.


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12:04 EST

via nyu.edu

Student speaker Corey Blay, who is earning an MBA/MPA from the Leonard N. Stern School of Business and Robert F. Wagner School of Public Service, congrats his fellow graduates. Blay served as a Senator-at-Large on the Student Senators Council.

Here are some of his key comments:

“We didn’t come to the largest private university in the country – in the greatest city in the world – for ‘easy’”

“It’s the diversity of our collective achievements – both at Washington Square and across the GNU – that make the NYU community so unique.”

“We’re going to encounter hundreds of people in life who will doubt our passions or try to derail long-held ambitions. But it’s up to us to define our own success on our own terms.”

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11:54 EST

Felipe De La Hoz/WSN

Sexton addresses the graduates.

After urging the class of 2014 to remember this day. He offers the honorary degree recipients as examples of excellence both in accomplishments and character— for the graduates to strive for. Sexton reminds those present of NYU’s motto: “Perstare et praestare,” or,  “to persevere and to excel.”

“In your years here you have lived in an NYU community and in a city that foreshadows what can be the best of the world to come,” Sexton said.

“Take with you what I call NYU’s attitudinal endowment: a spirit of creativity and boldness, a taste for complexity and the joy of discovering the unknown other,” Sexton said.

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11:42 EST

Steinhardt Singers begin a musical performance with a rendition of “New York, New York.”

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11:40 EST

Yellen speaks on behalf of the honorary degree recipients and addresses the class of 2014. She focuses on intellectual growth, failure, grit, joy and passion.

Here are some of Yellen’s key remarks:

“Your NYU education has not only provided you with a foundation of knowledge; it has also, I hope, instilled in you a love of knowledge and an enduring curiosity. Life will continue to be a journey of discovery if you tend the fires of curiosity that burn brightly in all of us.”

“Yankee Stadium is a natural venue for another lesson: You won’t succeed all the time.”

“The hard work of building a life that makes a difference is much easier to sustain when you are passionate about what you pursue.”

“I learned the lesson during [the economic crisis] that one’s response to the inevitable setbacks matters as much as the balance of victories and defeats.”

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11:29 EST

via Wikipedia.org

Janet Louise Yellen, the Chair of the Board of Governors of the Federal Reserve System, is bestowed a Doctor of Commercial Science by Thomas A. Pugel. The Brooklyn native is the first woman to lead the Federal Reserve.

“Smart, objective, willing to listen and able to disarm, mindful of the impact of government decisions on individuals and families struggling through difficult economic times, you aim to build consensus and drive policies that will benefit all Americans,” Pugel said.

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11:25 EST

via wikipedia.org

Former Yankees pitcher Mariano Rivera is presented a Doctor of Humane Letters by Robert Berne. He is escorted by special guest Rachel Robinson, the widow of baseball legend Jackie Robinson.

“From one 42 to another, a great tradition, Mariano Rivera,” Berne said.

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11:19 EST

via wikipedia.org

U.S. Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan is bestowed a Doctor of Laws and is presented by Trevor W. Morrison.

“Elena Kagan, you have taught, argued, interpreted, and applied the law with a brilliant combination of intellect and compassion, focused on its power to keep us safe and to ensure the protection of our fundamental rights and freedoms,” Sexton said.

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11:15 EST

via wikipedia.org

Jeffrey Rabhan presents a Doctor of Fine Arts to singer Aretha Franklin.

“Winner of 18 Grammy Awards, one of them for Lifetime Achievement; first woman to reside in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame; and recipient of the Presidential Medal of Freedom, you have held millions spellbound by your floor-rumbling, soul-rousing, mind-sizzling magic of improvisation and emotive force,” Rabhan said.

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11:12 EST

The presentation of honorary degrees begins as Hilary Ballon presents Martin Lee Edelman, who is being awarded a Doctor of Law. Edelman is an attorney and adviser at Paul Hastings.

“We proudly claim you as our own valued adviser for your help in skillfully guiding our team in reaching agreement with the government of Abu Dhabi to create NYU’s comprehensive liberal arts and science campus there,” Ballon said.

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10:57 EST

Martin Lipton, chair of the Board of Trustees, welcomes the graduates and their family and friends to the All-University Commencement. Lipton honors L. Jay Oliva, 14th president of NYU, who passed away on April 17 with a moment of silence.

“Look around you, you are the class of 2014,” Lipton said.

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10:55 EST

A sea of purple rises for “The Star-Spangled Banner” sung today by Kiah Victoria, a candidate for a B.F.A. from the Tisch School of the Arts.

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10:46 EST

Bagpipe music fills the stadium as the rest of the platform party enters. Among those entering the stadium at this time is NYU President John Sexton.

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10:44 EST

The Chief Marshal, Torchbearer and youngest baccalaureate degree candidate follow the school procession. The youngest degree candidate this year is Cassidy Shea Pahl, who is earning a B.A. from the Gallatin School of Individualized Study.

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10:30 EST

The school procession begins, with the College of Arts and Science rounding home plate. The schools and colleges enter the stadium in order of founding. The College of Arts and Science was founded in 1832. Follow us on Twitter @nyunews for pictures of the procession.

The order of the procession is as follows:

College of Arts and Science

School of Law

School of Medicine

Polytechnic School of Engineering

College of Dentistry

College of Nursing

Graduate School of Arts and Science

Steinhardt School of Culture, Education, and Human Development

Leonard N. Stern School of Business

School of Continuing and Professional Studies

Robert F. Wagner Graduate School of Public Service

Silver School of Social Work

Tisch School of the Arts

Gallatin School of Individualized Study

University Degree Programs — Liberal Studies, Global Institute of Public Health, and Center for Urban Science and Progress

NYU Abu Dhabi

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10:26 EST

The faculty are seated along the third base line. The platform party is now entering the stadium.

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9:25 EST

WSN is live-tweeting and live-blogging at the 182nd All-University Commencement. Check back starting at 10:30 a.m. for more updates. Follow us on Twitter @nyunews.

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