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Medical School graduate falls from residence hall

By Valentina Duque Bojanini, News Editor

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A graduate of the NYU School of Medicine, Sean O’Rourke, fell to his death on Monday afternoon from Vilcek Hall, his former residence. A spokesperson from the NYPD Office of the Deputy Commissioner, said the death is still under investigation.

O’Rourke was a member of the class of 2014 and completed his residency at the School of Medicine in May.

NYU spokesperson Philip Lentz expressed the university’s condolences to all those affected by O’Rourke’s death and said counseling services were provided at Vilcek Hall today and this evening.

“[School of Medicine] students can also contact the NYU [School of Medicine] student health services,” Lentz said. “Downtown NYU Health Center’s central location at 726 Broadway, Room 402 is open from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.”

The Wellness Exchange also offers professional counseling 24 hours a day.

The university has not sent a university-wide email about the incident to the student body, but the Medical School sent an email with information about wellness service to the Medical School students.*

“We want to be careful that any communication is much more about the services [that we offer] than the incident itself,” Director of the Counseling and Wellness Services Zoe Ragouzeos said.

The Wellness Exchange can be reached at 212-443-9999.

Valentina Duque Bojanini is a news editor. Email her at [email protected] 

*Correction: A previous version of this article did not mention the email sent to Medical School students. WSN regrets this error.

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Valentina Duque Bojanini, Editor-in-Chief
The Deutsche Bank Americas Foundation is funding projects that will bring education and social services to 3,500 young Mexican and Mexican-American students.

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