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JSong Way S/S 2017

By Molly Dolan, Contributing Writer

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From the second it began, JSong Way’s show was a beautiful and cultural display. In an interview with Way Zen, the designer, she described her clothing as a, “personal journey to discover the power in yourself.”

Through beaming oranges and purples to calm blues and whites, Way Zen captured the importance of an unrestricted soul and the ability to explore ones style through different colors, patterns and even shapes of clothing. One outstanding look from the show was the “natural linen modern origami dress.” The simplicity of the white linen combined with the pop of the red sandal made for a natural yet striking look.

Each outfit was paired with a floral sandal or heel, demonstrating one of Way Zen’s ideas of finding yourself through nature. Along with each look, the models’ hair was kept natural, whether up or down, creating a breathtaking balance of one’s inherent beauty in the collection.

Another memorable look was the “violet petal dress.” The combination of the petals in the dress and the floral heels stood out as a lovely composition of sophistication and unique beauty in the collection. Not only was the show itself amazing, Jsong Way invited four interns from New York’s High School of Fashion Industries to contribute to the collection, creating a remarkable way for fresh minds to share their ideas. Overall, the JSong Way show was delightful and powerful in its beautiful Spring/Summer 2017 message.

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