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Miguel Vieira F/W 2017

By Alyssa Kelly, Contributing Writer

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Known for his minimalistic color choices and sleek formation, Miguel Vieira’s Fall/Winter 2017 line strikes a similar, yet fresh, chord with his audience. The collection featured his signature black and white with a dose of maroon for flavor. Multiple pieces showcased a blending of textures, including lace, leather and velvet. Viera’s complex designs and refined detailing created a rich texture, adding to the overall essence of the collection.

While some may find certain pieces more wearable than others, several garments could work for a business chic occasion or a formal gathering. With a compilation of outfits for all genders, this collections offered fashion savvy opportunities for everyone this season.

As in past shows, Vieira’s unisex collection stuck to socio-normative gender rules (dresses exclusively for women and only pants for men). However, unlike Vieira’s recent collection that debuted in Milan, the male garments in this line lacked stereotypical female accessories like bags and satchels. While Vieira’s show bared no political statements like those which attendees have seen throughout this week, the Portuguese designer’s work indeed generates a greater meaning.

Vieira played with lightness and heaviness throughout each garment, whether in color or in texture, creating a narrative centering around the power shift between the two entities. One piece in particular, a black leather dress accented with a long lace coat, highlights this concept. Both individual garments fight for their place as the centerpiece of the outfit, but instead of syphoning attention from one another, each aspect of the design garners a greater element of elegance for the look as a whole.

The collection’s theme and fabric choices blended the presentation together as a single, cohesive body. Vieira’s outstanding craftsmanship and creativity left their mark on this year’s Fashion Week.

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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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