The 2017 Housing Guide

February 23, 2017

When the Housing Guide came out last year, I remember poring over it with my prospective roommate: grabbing a stack, ripping them up and ordering the dorms in various ways. We made pro and con lists, analyzed the possible room choices and Google Mapped the distances to our classes. Room tours, upperclassmen and online pictures became our obsessions as we used every research tool to choose the perfect abode for the next two semesters.

From your precursory glance at the dorm list to when you decide on your final two halls, I hope the 2017 Housing Guide is the first and last place you look. We curated and crafted this issue with a candid view of the buildings — from the hidden gems to unexpected quirks, we hope our deep research and extensive conversations with residents encapsulate what it is truly like to live in each of these dorms.


Dorm Profiles























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