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Desigual S/S 2018

By Illiana Walingsham, Contributing Writer

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The models came out literally leaping at the Desigual Spring/Summer 2018 runway. Bright colors and elaborate eye makeup instantly set the mood, invoking an almost tribal vibe. Chunky knit sweaters in primary colors were some of the first outfits Desigual flaunted at its show. Ruffles and fringe accompanied almost every look, which — combined with the synchronized stomping and twirling of the models — transported the audience to the lush jungles and arid plains that the styles were reminiscent of.

This collection completely strayed from past seasons. Instead of overloading the geometric patterns and stripes like usual, the collection was more subdued. The pieces felt natural. It still overflowed with fun patterns and loud colors, but in a way that felt like it would blend into the rainforest. Every piece evoked a different culture, from South East Asia, to India to Africa, and the runway was surprisingly inclusive, featuring models of all races.

The most standout look featured a duo — each wearing intricately patterned yoga pants and a lightweight windbreaker, complete with patterned gloves, socks and a large, multicolor, sheer bow. They walked in sync until the middle of the runway where they danced around each other, sending their bows twirling with each toss of their head.

The show finished in a crescendo of statement earrings and elaborate headpieces, the buzz of the deep bass still ringing in the air as people exited.

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