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Tatiana Baez

Deputy University Editor [email protected] "Nothing is permanent in this wicked world. Not even our troubles" (Charles Chaplin). Tatiana’s troubles always go away with chocolate and long naps. She love hummus, country music, and to write....

Off Broadway production lacks realism, execution

Wee Man Productions' inaugural production morphs from a clichéd family drama into a melodramatic mess.

Memorial honors Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire victims

Workers United and the Service Employees International Union sponsored an event to remember the 103rd anniversary of the Triangle Shirtwaist Factory.

Groceries on a budget

Three things to make shopping more manageable.

Palladium Hall

If you are willing to sacrifice a quiet neighborhood for convenience, then Palladium residence hall should be your top pick.

Debating Allen: Separating art from artist

Two staff members go head to head in our debate on detaching controversial artists from their work.

Gallatin events explore life in city grid

'Off the Grid' Gallatin program begins April 17.

Columbia law professor named next NYU School of Law dean

Trevor Morrison, who previously taught constitutional law at Columbia University, will replace Richard Revesz as the NYU School of Law dean.

NYU gaming institute to open in Brooklyn

The Polytechnic Institute of NYU's Media and Games Network will be the first fusion curriculum with NYU.

Wide gaps found in national average teacher pay

Study finds wide discrepancies in professors’ salary by discipline and type of institution.

Greenwich Hotel residence hall

After the chaos of a freshman dorm, Greenwich Hotel is an oasis for upperclassmen — a perfect place to escape after a long day of classes and work.

Times Higher Education ranks NYU 29th

A survey of global scholars from over 144 countries ranked the reputation of the university.