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Food & Fun Guide 2018

By WSN Staff | August 26, 2018

As upperclassmen and first-years slowly migrate into their new or familiar NYU stomping grounds, we wanted to give you a guide to start off your new semester of discovering, eating and experiencing your way through New York. Because even if you’re a super senior, grew up in New York or devoured the “Things to Do” section from Time Out New York, you still haven’t seen it all. From coffee shops...

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While You Were Here 2018

By Jemima McEvoy, Editor-in-Chief | May 3, 2018

A lot has changed while you were here. The university has changed, the city has changed and as a result, as is inevitable with the passing of time, you have changed. Hopefully for the better — academic enrichment, growth in independence and the discovery of who you really are — but maybe for the worse — extreme cynicism about New York or the world and the...

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By Veronica Liow, Assistant Managing Editor | May 2, 2018

Language is everything. It is how we comprehend concepts. It is how we communicate. It is a core part of society and its institutions. And these days, it seems that the words we use and how we use them have become more important than ever.

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Talk of the Towns

By Sakshi Venkatraman, News Editor | April 23, 2018

City life can be overwhelming. I’ve felt it for a while, but when I left Manhattan for Easter I realized how much of a toll it had been taking on my mind. It’s loud here, everything is constantly in motion — I needed to slow down more than I knew. Often growing up, we take our small towns for granted. I remember dreaming about big city life and escaping the slower pace.I wasn’t until I left...

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Fringe 2018: Streetwear

By Thomas Chou and Thomas Chou | April 19, 2018

In the last few years, fashion has beared witness to the unprecedented growth of streetwear. A style and culture originally born on the streets, streetwear and streetstyle represent a newfound freedom in fashion that rebels against the traditional constraints of couture. 

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Food Consumes Us

By Liv Chai, Dining Editor | April 16, 2018

It’s a food lover’s dream to write about food and read about it as often as I do. Reading about ungodly cheese creations and finding what restaurant I should surrender all my money to next feels like a passion project rather than a job at times. Those who know me have, often unfortunately, experienced my enthusiasm for food through my intense food photos that really showcase food in a different...

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