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Fusion Film Festival Highlights Women

Fusion Film Festival Highlights Women

By Brooke LaMantia, Staff Writer

April 16, 2018

Filed under Arts, Film

NYU's Fusion Film Festival celebrated women in film and TV through showcasing their work and hosting panels that offered young female filmmakers advice on advancing their careers.

Your Guide to Getting an IUD at NYU

Your Guide to Getting an IUD at NYU

By Paris Martineau, Deputy Opinion Editor

November 28, 2016

Filed under Features

An NYU student's guide to easily getting an IUD on campus, especially in the wake of Trump's election, which has left many women nationwide — and women at NYU — wondering if they will be able to financially maintain their sexual autonomy.

IUD’s Are the Ticket to Sexual Liberation for Women

By Paris Martineau, Contributing Writer

February 4, 2016

Filed under Opinion

Even if a pediatrician does refer the patient to a trained gynecologist, many teenagers are too frightened by the possibility of a birth control-related statement being found on their parents’ health insurance bill to follow through with the process.