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It’s raining cookies! Hallelujah, Hayden!

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Students have reason to celebrate today, thanks to an announcement made by NYU Dining on Monday afternoon. Because Hayden is closing, a new dining hall will open at the beginning of the Fall 2014 semester. This new dining hall, the exact location of which has not yet been announced, will exclusively serve Hayden cookies.

Tisch sophomore Saweet Tuff said NYU’s decision is a good one.

“I was majorly excited when I heard the news,” Tuff said. “I eat Hayden cookies on a regular basis. Sometimes, when I’m really stressed, it seems like that gooey, chocolate sweetness is all that gets me through the day. I think NYU is making a really wise decision with this new dining hall.”

Additionally, Hayden cookies will be served from an armored cookie carrier in Washington Square Park. Students in the Federal Work-Study program will be hired to man the carrier and NYU Dining will begin to take applications for these positions starting on April 20.

“The carrier is going to be an awesome addition, too,” Tuff said. “That’s going to make the cookies readily available between classes. I can’t imagine the lines, though.”

But Stern junior Unim Presd is not as enthusiastic as Tuff.

“Opening a new dining hall has got to be pretty expensive,” Presd said. “The cookies from Hayden are great and all, but I’m not sure they’re worth all that.”

Presd’s concern about the price of the new dining hall is well-warranted. NYU Dining representative Kukin Feud would not disclose the exact price tag of the project.

“Admittedly, this undertaking is costly,” Feud said. “In fact, NYU students will see their tuitions rise noticeably as a result of the expansion. However, we feel it is our duty to serve Hayden cookies, no matter the cost. Everyone can agree that the cookies are an important part of the culture here at NYU.”

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It’s raining cookies! Hallelujah, Hayden!