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Sabinna S/S 2018


By Veronica Liow, Multimedia Abroad Editor

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The Sabinna Spring/Summer 2018 presentation was one for the books, as the collection showcased ready-to-wear pieces scattered in a palette of pastels. From the flirty pinks to the playful floral prints, the pieces within the Sabinna collection create a light aesthetic. The cuts — though not necessarily bold — are sharp and clean. They evoke a sense of modernity that is very signature to the Sabinna brand.

Based in London and Vienna, Sabinna was founded by Sabinna Rachimova and David Resicher. Rachimova has experience working with Christian Dior and Katrantzou. She also works as a consultant. A multitalented designer, Rachimova is one to look out for as an up-and-comer. Sabinna is expected to grow in its influence on contemporary fashion for the modern woman.

In many of the pieces, there is unique crochet knit-wear. One piece that strikes the eyes is a light blue ensemble with knitted red and pink flowers cascading down half of the top. Sabinna’s distinct usage of knitwear is seen in the collection’s clean and modern looks. Inspired by the designer’s grandmother, who handcrafted many crocheted items for friends and family, Sabinna is an unique brand that exemplifies the core of contemporary fashion.

It is difficult to pick a particular piece that was exceptionally outstanding because the pieces complement each other in the entire collection. Sabinna is an expert at maintaining a coherent aesthetic despite the variety of fabric and prints. The ability to harmonize the innovative use of knitwear with other fabrics marks this collection as exceptional.

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Hang on for a minute...we're trying to find some more stories you might like.

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