Hidden Exposure: In the City

Katie Peurrung, Deputy Photo Editor

Elizabeth Street Garden is an eclectic urban oasis. If you’re lucky enough to stumble upon the Nolita gem during its hours of operation, you’ll find yourself in a place that’s half statue garden, half park. Tables and benches dot the garden and are perfect for an afternoon break with friends, or just sitting in silence and enjoying the sounds, or lack there of that the garden offers.

What struck me most about Elizabeth Street Garden is how remote it felt, even though just moments before entering I had been dodging oncoming traffic on Houston Street. In a second I went from pavement to gravel and grass. After sitting for awhile, I noticed that the air felt remarkably clean, which is not to be taken for granted in New York City. The garden has something mysterious and unkempt about it, which only made me love it more.

After entering an area I wasn’t supposed to, I was met by one of the garden’s overseers. He told me that the garden had been around since 1991, and most of the statuary had been placed there by the original creator. I learned that the garden is currently at risk of being developed on by the city which shocked me because I couldn’t imagine anyone wanted to destroy such a perfect place. Whatever the future holds, I recommend taking a look at their website for ways to help. Maybe I’ll see you there.

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