CAAFD: Port Zienna, Mouton Blanc and Zabetta Couture F/W 2018

Liv Chai, Dining Editor



On a rainy Saturday evening at the Industria, the Council of Aspiring American Fashion Designers introduced a new group of refreshing designers bursting into the scene.

Port Zienna opened the showcase with a simplistic black and white palette and clean silhouettes in flowing fabrics. The stunning silver jewelry as well as the bright red hair ties used on the model added both attitude and bold character to the overall classy display. From jumpsuits and tastefully slinky dresses, the looks were put together with immaculate silver detailing. Held together by silver hoops and studs, the chiffon and silks were able to come together and make strong statements. The founder, Francesca Canepa, was inspired by ready-to-wear fashion, evident in the practical yet effortlessly cool collection.

Full lace bodysuits and wool dress suits with balloon sleeves, Mouton Blanc was able to incorporate a unique mix of the two through its collection. Translating to “white sheep” in French, the brand was founded by Hakuyo Miya who channeled fantasy and his prior studies in Paris. Not shy on color, Miya also made sure to utilize colorful silk prints with the intensity of black lace and stiff wool.

Zabetta Couture took a new take on strong shoulders with a brilliant usage of cinched waists and knots. Stated as exemplifying “natural beauty and mystique of women’s silhouettes” in an introduction by the CAAFD, Zabetta Couture hit the mark with their marvelous cuts. Designer Ruth Zabetta has consistently followed this theme of exemplifying beautiful feminine silhouettes, so it was no surprise that this collection did the same oh so flawlessly. Despite having a similar black and white theme to Port Zienna, Zabetta Couture was able to differentiate through the broad shoulders and grander sharper cuts.

The showcase also had a violinist and trumpeter perform funky duets over swanky piano creating an electrifying atmosphere fitting for the exciting talents. CAAFD held a magnifying showcase with their innovative designers, introducing a stunning new future for fashion.


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