Apps to Make Your Life a Breeze


Corey Rome

These four free apps will help to simplify your life.

Shivani Agarwal, Contributing Writer

There are only so many hours in a day; with deadlines, midterms, jobs and internships, it is hard to keep up with your academics, social life and sleep. Students usually find themselves bogged down by due dates. Here are some free apps that will help you take control of your life, plan ahead and make time for every aspect of your life.


Start your day by logging into Asana and making a to-do list. This app helps manage deadlines, projects and other college requirements easier. With the app, users can create projects and assign themselves tasks and deadlines. The app also allows you to set due dates and regularly sends email notifications informing you of upcoming deadlines. It helps prioritize your work loads.


Geetesh Nikhade, a Computer Science graduate student at NYU Tandon swears by this time tracking app.

”I realized that out of the six hours I spend at the library, I am productive only for two hours,” Nikhade said. “Keeping track of my time over a period helped me understand how much time certain assignments take, when I am most productive and where I could cut down.”

Plus, if you stick to your task without getting distracted, Forest lets you grow a tree. Users earn credits by not using their phones and real trees are planted in the world. So save time and the environment.


Time is precious and so are those moments you spend waiting for the subway or simply walking to class. Stitcher features podcasts on politics, love, work and top shows. It is a great way to learn something valuable and keep up with pop culture and news.  


A tool recommended by SPS professor Joanne Tombrakos, Evernote is a note taking software that helps you organize notes and access them easily. You can use it to jot down all your notes, random thoughts or document your work. There’s even a desktop version.

Apps are a great way to get your life organized in the 21st century. College is the time to invest in the future, and these productivity apps can help you with that. There is time to do everything, you just have to find it.


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