LOVE WHAT YOU RENT! Qualifying for an apartment.


Renting an apartment in New York requires a lot of paperwork and can be full of challenges for students. You might find the apartment of your dreams and even if your plan is to get a roommate or help from your parents, the landlord still needs you to meet the requirements. So, you may ask yourself, “How on Earth am I going to pull this off?”

The beauty of Insurent is that it acts as your guarantor. If you’re US, International, an Undergrad or Graduate student getting out of college struggling to get that first apartment, Insurent can help you seal the deal.

You need a guarantor because landlords need proof that you earn a steady income of at least 40 times the monthly rent. A guarantor is someone (usually parent or guardian) who the landlord can rely on as financially capable of taking care of your monthly rent (yep, it’s tricky).

Whether you’re living alone or with roommates Insurent can be your guarantor. They’re signed with over 425,000 apartments from which to choose; just pick a neighborhood. Found an apartment they aren’t signed with? They can still most likely make it happen as they sign up new landlords every day.

If you’re an International student, you might be thinking “Uhhh, I don’t have U.S. credit” but not to worry, Insurent can help you too as the guidelines are tailored for each individual profile.

One of Insurent’s very own, Cooper Stermer began working there after graduating from NYU in 2016. Here’s his advice to students and why he recommends Insurent “Renting as a student in NYC is a major challenge as every landlord will require a guarantor to co-sign your lease. During my time at NYU I saw many of my friends and classmates struggle to secure a home in buildings whose requirements for a guarantor usually disqualified their family from being able to help. Insurent was their answer, and with the Insurent Guaranty they were easily able to obtain approval and sign their new lease within 24 hours. ”

And check out their awesome Instagram with pictures of the apartments they’re signed with and what’s happening around the city: Insurent_nyc.